Needle Felted Miniature Christmas.

£30   max 4 per class 24.11.19  12-3Non refundable full payment required on booking.

Create a needle felted Christmas scene on a rustic wooden slice. A truly unique Christmas decoration. Using 3D needle felting techniques, make christmas trees, elves, penguins, snowmen or whatever takes your festive fancy, place them on a slice of wood, to create a winter wonderland. Embellish with sequins, stars and glitter if you choose to. (And why wouldn’t you add a bit of sparkle, after all it is Christmas!)

You will need – nothing, although previous needle felting experience would be advantageous although absolutely not necessary.

We will provide, roving wool, needles, wood slice, glues, embellishments, plasters, tuition and support. There will also be tea, coffee and biscuits available to sustain your crafting experience.


Needle Felted Baubles.

£20 max 8 per class. Complete beginners welcome. Non refundable full payment required on booking.

9:30 – 12 Saturday 2nd November.    Wednesday 20th November 7:00 – 9:30pm

Create a selection of cute or elegant needle felted baubles to adorn your Christmas tree, each one will be totally unique. Examples of what you could make include: snowflake adorned baubles, reindeers, robins, scandi style. The options are endless.

You will need: Nothing we will be supplying it all.

What we will supply: All materials, plasters (just in case) tea, coffee, biscuits, maybe cake. We will also supply support, encouragement and basic tuition in the art of needle felting.


Indian Block Printing

£25 max 6 per class. Non refundable full payment required on booking.

11.12.19 7-9:30pm    

21.12.19 9:30 -12

Use the techniques of indian block printing to create stunning gifts (last minute is fine!) You will have the choice of a cotton bag or tea towel or perhaps both! Practice printing using the carved wooden blocks and specialised fabric paints, then once you have perfected your technique create beautiful and unique patterns on your items. These make the perfect gift for family or friends or keep them for yourself. If you have time you can add beads or sequins to your items to add extra festive sparkle.

What you need: nothing we will provide it all.

What we will provide: blocks, paints, cotton fabric, tea towel, cotton bag, embellishments, tuition and support. We will also provide tea, coffee and biscuits.


Rag Wreaths

Max 8 per session £20 Saturday 7th December

Non refundable full payment required on booking.

Make a sustainable, reusable wreath from non traditional wreath making materials. Use cotton fabrics to create the wreath, then embellishments such as felt decorations, ribbons, buttons, bells etc. (bring your own embellishments if you would like.)  This surprisingly simple technique (no sewing involved) creates beautiful unique wreaths.

You will need: nothing, but you can bring embellishments if you want to.

We will provide: All materials, tuition, tea, coffee, biscuits maybe a festive fancy or two.

Peg Doll Nativity.

£20 max 4 people per class

Friday 22nd November 1:30-4pm

Using cute blank wooden peg doll forms, acrylic paints, scraps of fabric and your imagination create your very own nativity characters to begin to create your own version of the Christmas story.

You will need: nothing – we will provide everything you need. Also there will be the opportunity to but more doll forms to continue your story.

We will provide: All the materials you need plus encouragement and support. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits a plenty.


White on White Christmas Cards.

£20 Sunday 17th November 12:30 – 2:30

Max 6 per class

Come and make elegant and on trend white on white christmas cards to impress your family and friends. You will using die cuts, stamps and embellishments with layering techniques to create unique and beautiful cards.

What you need: nothing we will provide it all, just bring your imagination.

We will provide: All materials, tuition in basic techniques, tea, coffee, biscuits and perhaps a christmas cake.

Mixed Media

Come and explore colour, pattern and texture and create a unique piece of mixed media art work.  You will work on canvas to create themed pieces of work.  No artistic ability required just come along and play with paint, glue, collage, pens and pastels (bring an apron).  Remember what it was like to create with freedom!

Dates  New dates soon  £15

Needle Felting

In this class we will teach you how to use roving wool and felting needles to create some beautiful 3D felted creatures.  We will show you the basic skills and then encourage you to use your creativity to produce your own work. If you aren’t so confident then  we are always on hand to help with ideas and designs.  All materials are provided plus tea, coffee and cake (we also have plasters at hand for this one as the needles are quite sharp)!

Cost per class £25

New dates soon!



If you would like to join us to learn the lovely art of parchment paper crafting please contact us.  The workshops run on alternate Thursdays from 10am – 12:30pm at a cost of £7.50.